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What your skin says about your health

Often people limit skin as just something related to beauty, but the skin is the barrier between you and various diseases. It protects you from those really annoying bacteria that make you want to itch all the time. Your skin is the largest part of the body and it solemnly bears the burden of protection from the UV rays. In this article, we will learn clearly about how our skin impacts our health, let's jump right into it.

Itchy dry skin:

If your moisturizer just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to look deeper. “Chronically dry skin is caused by two things: eczema and general dryness or climate changes,” Eczema, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, can cause dry, itchy, inflamed, and cracked skin. It has immunological, hereditary, and environmental components and is also related to asthma and hay fever. If you are suffering from dry itchy skin for more than a month it is high time you go to a dermatologist.

Breakouts near chin and jawline area:

Pimples popping up along your jawline and chin again? Breakouts in these areas could signal a potential hormone imbalance. This kind of adult acne is often seen in women who may not have had acne as teenagers, But don’t worry or you could increase the problem. Keep in mind that hormonal acne in women can get worse in times of stress, during your period, or menopause. Instead, try using a Passiona'more face pack for at least thrice a week and watch those pimples leave your face just like your ex.

Dark circles darker than your soul:

Before you slap on concealer, consider all the factors that could be causing your circles. Dark under eyes can be a combination of genetics, age, or lifestyle factors. Anatomically as you age, the fat pads and structural support around your eyes change so you can see more of the hollows. Dark skin under your eyes can also be caused by a nutrient deficiency, a lack of hydration or not getting enough sleep. While maintaining a healthy diet and sleeping put on some Passiona'more under eye cream and say bye-bye to those dark circles, come on honey nothing should be darker than your soul.

Dry, cracked lips

While the most common cause of dry lips is the weather and frequent lip-licking, you could also be developing an allergy to a lipstick or toothpaste you’re using. If you have specific redness, scaling, or fissuring at the corners of your mouth, you could have perlèche, an easily treated fungal infection that is sometimes associated with a vitamin deficiency or a chronic illness. If you are experiencing dry cracked lips try using Passiona'more juicy lip balm and if you still feel the symptoms it is important for you to consult your doctor.

Nail changes

“Nails are a gateway to your health,” If you exhibit discoloration, dark spots, changes in your nail shape, or clubbing, these can be signs of internal issues below the surface from vitamin deficiencies and lupus to liver disease.

Cuts that won’t heal

If a cut or wound is slow to heal, it could signal a possible skin infection. Other causes of slow wound healing include skin cancer (basal or squamous cell carcinoma), a blood clotting disorder, or diabetes.

So, baddies it is high time you notice the changes in your skin and act up immediately. Remember Skin is something that you will wear for your whole life.

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